Thursday, 19 June, 2008

List column limits in SharePoint 2003

There are limitations on the maximum number of columns one can have for a particular data type the details are as below:
Column Type Maximum Number
Single line of text AND Choice (Drop Down Menu or Radio Buttons)*
Multiple lines of text AND Choice (Checkboxes (allow multiple sections))*
Number AND Currency*

not able to export list data to Spreadsheet "Cannot get the list schema property from the SharePoint list."

"Cannot get the list schema property from the SharePoint list."

This issue will not occur if the user has MS Office 2007, but for any user who does not have MS Office 2007 here is the solution.

1. Modify the Date/Time field to Single Line of Text

2. Then Modify it again to Date/Time field

This has to be done for all the date and time fields except for the default date and time fields(Created, Modified etc)

Wednesday, 18 June, 2008

Not able to open MS Office files on SharePoint sites with Japanese Unser Interface

This is a newly reported issue specially SharePoint sites with Japanese user interface. Users are not able to open MS Office files from MOSS Sharepoint sites.
IN order to fix this, you have to make a small change on the internet explorer settings.

Go to tools->Internet options-Advanced and select "Always Send URLs as UTF-8" close the browser and open it again and then try accessing the file
This will fix the issue.

Send mail to all members" Web part does not work

SharePoint offers a web part "Send mail to all members" . This when clicked should normally draft/send a mail to all the members of the SharePoint site.

However this works only if there are very few members on the SharePoint site.

The feature/Web part may not work when there are too many users on the site. There is a length limitation in the URL link formed by the Mailto href tag. When the length exceeds 2048, the mailto link will not work. Please see this KB articles for detailed info. However there is a workaround for this issue as recommended by Microsoft